About the Project


  RYCP Comminnttee 2014 Rossinver Committee 2014


A  Voluntary Board fulfils its dream!

Rossinver Youth and Community Project was set up in 2007 to help provide additional essential services in a rural community. Our main aim has been to realise the dream of providing a community Centre for Rossinver which is now nearing completion.

Since its inception over many years and many changes a huge number of people have either served as Board members or helped out in other significant ways like volunteering at events, helping at fundraising,  taking responsibility for a project and last but not least supporting the project financially.

  • The main projects that have been supported by Rossinver Youth and Community Project to date are:
  • Employment of 33 workers in the community maintaining the environment and assisting community services across North Leitrim and West Cavan.
  • Development of the site for the community centre including drainage, walls and car parks.
  • Setting up of temporary facilities on the site at the Kabin
  • Providing Space and workers for Youth Club in Rossinver.
  • Providing Afterschool Services
  • Organising Training for workers
  • Organising social and fundraising events.

So the dream of providing a Community Centre is now a reality. Thank you to everyone, past and present, workers and volunteers, who have given so much to make that  dream come true. Thank you to everyone who has supported all the events and bought tickets. We depend on that support into the future and with the help of  the BUY A BRICK project together we can give the people of Rossinver what they requested … a brand new Community Centre to replace the old Ballagh Hall.