Community Employment in Rossinver


Rossinver Community Employment Programme continues in Rossinver, Blacklion, Doobally, Kiltyclogher and Glenfarne under Rossinver Youth and Community Project with Supervisor Mary Boylan, Asst. Majella Green and Administrator Michael Travers who also happens to be our Karate Instructor. So many of people on the scheme are multi-skilled and have been able to do so much work finishing off the Community Centre. As part of the training programme they have been involved  in painting, woodwork, stonework and paths as well as environmental work, caretaking, cleaning etc. The Rossinver group are also working at the Ballagh Centre and the Organic Centre. The new Community Emplyment began at the beginning of November and we look forward to another good year.



Mary Boylan, Supervisor, Majella Greene, Asst. and Keith Leslie, Administrator 2009- Nov 2014

Mary Boylan, Supervisor, Majella Greene, Asst. and Keith Leslie, Administrator 2009- Nov 2014

Rossinver Youth & Community Project’s latest Community Employment Programme began in November 2014. CE is now funded by the Department of Social Protection instead of FAS. The Rossinver scheme has been amalgamated with Shannon Community Development scheme in the Blacklion/Glangevlin area since 2012 and now has 33 workers in total along with supervisor Mary Boylan and newly appointed assistant Majella Green. Twenty three workers provide a range of services locally, including structural, environmental and development work, youth and sports development and also support to the Ballagh Centre, Organic Centre, Kiltyclogher Hostel and the Rainbow Ballroom in Glenfarne.





Betty Duignan helping out at Rossinver Calling.


Rossinver Organic Centre CE in the Tunnels

Graham Tidey, Dona lGallagher and Eamonn Keaney at the Organic Centre

Candle Making at the Ballagh Centre Rossinver

Donal Gallagher and Eamonn Keaney at the Organic Centre 2014

Ciaran McGuinness Rossinver

Rossinver Eugene McGowan working in the Ballagh Centre









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m_Chris at work

m_Disco and cultural night 017

m_Disco and cultural night 018

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m_Garden area

m_Hard ladscaping under construction

m_Our Cabin

m_Sports Field




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