Introduction to Holistic Studies

Begin to learn about herbal, flower, and homeopathic remedies and the differences between them. To heal & help towards health. A gentle, simple introduction to Natural Health. Healing from our homes and our nearest...

Dog Training Classes

Update/ Class Full If you would like to have your dog trained in the essentials why not book your Dog into our Training Classes starting 20th April. Classes will start at 10am and finish...

Introduction to Ceramics

Introduction to Ceramics with Dominic Sharp from Lough Melvin Studios starting Wednesday 11th October at 7pm in Rossinver Community Centre. for bookings email or phone 071 9832970 for further information.

DIY & Upscaling

DIY & Upscaling Class

Join us for our DIY & Upscaling Classes at The Kabin starting Tuesday 26th September. You could undertake a small project with the help of our excellent tutor and bring something crafted with your...